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  1. New HAKKO PRODUCTS! Be the first to see them at APEX EXPO 2023

    New HAKKO PRODUCTS! Be the first to see them at APEX EXPO 2023

    The IPC APEX EXPO is North America’s largest electronics manufacturing trade show where industry leaders, PCB fabricators, OEMs, EMS companies, and industry professionals from all over the world gather to meet, exhibit and collaborate.The entire event spans from January 21-26 and includes technical conferences, educational sessions, over 300
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  2. A Revisit of the Hakko Collection

    A Revisit of the Hakko Collection

    It’s been awhile since we last talked about the Hakko Collection, but we've come a long way since first launching them. Let's take a look back at Eye on Hakko, Hakko Tips, Hakko Fights, and Hakko Donates and see what makes them unique from one another.Eye On HakkoEye On Hakko is our webinar series where Kenta covers products in depth or new
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  3. FX-305 Digital Solder Pot

    FX-305 Digital Solder Pot

    Hakko introduces its new solder pot, the FX-305. This new solder pot features a standard 75x75 mm crucible, increased maxinum temperatures, durable heaters, safety cover, overflow sensor, HAKKO Control Software and most of all, improved performance and reliability.Accessories Crucibles TipThermometersFX-305DIGITAL SOLDER POT1Temp Ranges 50-530°C
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  4. FX-805 Soldering Station

    FX-805 Soldering Station

    The FX-805 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station is your solution for soldering large mass components, high current induction coils, heat sinks, large transformers, heavy-duty cables and other difficult to solder components. A 400W powered Ultra Heavy-Duty soldering station with new software capabilities, new T37 tips, and a large LCD.Accessories
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  5. Eye on Hakko: PCB Depaneling with the DPF-300 Webinar! 6/30/22

    Eye on Hakko: PCB Depaneling with the DPF-300 Webinar! 6/30/22

    You are invited to our new Eye on Hakko Webinar! Learn everything about PCB depaneling with the CHP DPF-300 DepanelerIn need of a depaneler to separate PCBs from multi-board blocks? Take a look at the DPF-300 Depaneling System from American Hakko Products, Inc. It's a manual router table, ESD safe, with no programming required at a fraction of the
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  6. PCB Depaneling & Depanelers

    PCB Depaneling & Depanelers

    What is PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Depaneling?Individual PCBs are generally manufactured and assembled on a larger multi-board panel consisting of multiple PCBs. Placing multiple PCBs onto a larger multi-board panel allows for the production of a high number of PCBs because machines can work on multiple individual PCBs all at once. PCB Depaneling
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  7. Hand Soldering with Nitrogen in Electronics

    Hand Soldering with Nitrogen in Electronics

    What is the difference between Nitrogen and Oxygen when soldering in electronics?Oxygen molecules will react and bond with the molecules at the surface of a metal to form a layer of metal oxides called, “oxidation” while Nitrogen will not.Rust is an extreme example of oxidation. Rust is what happens when a metal such as iron, is exposed to
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  8. Stripping with Thermal Wire Strippers

    Stripping with Thermal Wire Strippers

    Soldering, desoldering, and reworks stations are just a few of the products we offer here at American Hakko Products, but have you tried our Thermal Wire Stripper? The FT-802 is the latest version of the thermal wire stripper offered by Hakko. This is a very unique product used in various industries such as medical, aerospace, and military defense
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