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    Part Number: FX888D-23BY


    Hakko’s FX-888D is the updated, digital version of the popular FX-888 and includes several new features-digital calibrations to simplify the setup and operation, new password protection, 5 preset temperature storage, and compact design takes up less workbench space. 

    Note: Station available in blue and yellow color only (all other colors shown on are not available in North America)

  2. List Price:
    Part Number: FX951-66


    Keep your bench clutter to a minimum and breeze through your tasks. This soldering station features a compact design with superior heat transfer and thermal recovery.

  3. List Price:
    Part Number: FX100-04


    RF induction heat technology at its best. Designed for fast, reliable, accurate, efficient, and ESD safe soldering. No calibration required, just turn it on and in just seconds you’ll be ready to go. Boost control delivers a boost of extra power when you need it. Its compact design minimizes the workbench footprint.

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    Part Number: FX601-02/P

    The Hakko FX-601 dial temperature soldering iron is ideal for soldering applications that require mobility or a long reach. The slender, ergonomic handpiece allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue.

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    Part Number: FX600-05/P

    Designed for soldering in electronics, and because of it's portability, it is an ideally suited for the hobbyist and electronics enthusiast that is looking for a high performing soldering iron at an affordable price.Whether soldering electrical wires, terminals, through-hole electronic components or (SMD) surface mount devices, the FX-600 is the tool of choice when you need to solder in electronics and you need mobility.

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    Part Number: HU200-03Z

    With the power of the FU-601, the easy robot programming and the reliability of Hakko products, the HU-200 offers a solution to almost any soldering project!!!

    Click here for the Robotic Soldering Quote/Evaluation Form

    NOTE: PLEASE CALL for any inquiries

  7. List Price:
    Part Number: FX-901/P

    The Hakko FX-901 is the cordless soldering iron solution ideal for field service technicians and for all your soldering projects and hobbies. This portable, lightweight, battery-operated soldering iron can operate above 600*F for up to 120 continuous minutes, unlike any other cordless soldering gun.

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    Part Number: FX300-03


    Hakko’s FX-300 Solder Pot features analog functionality and a rugged ceramic heating element. This soldering pot is lead-free compatible and can accommodate two pot sizes.

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    Part Number: FR870-04 Discontinued
    The Hakko FR-870 infrared 2-Bank bench-top board heater is designed to elevate the temperature of the printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be easily soldered and desoldered. This tool is particularly useful when soldering Pb-free assemblies.
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    Part Number: FX801-02


    Hakko’s FX-801 is the ideal soldering station for extremely large mass components. Such as high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, shields, and other difficult solder applications where there is a significant amount of thermal inertia that must be overcome, enabling you to solder some of the most challenging solder joints.

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    Part Number: FX301B-03


    Hakko’s FX-301B digital solder pot is the perfect solution for dip soldering and tinning the ends of wire leads. Features four different heating programs and convenient timer, which is especially useful where reliable control of solder temperature is essential.

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    Part Number: FX650-02/P
    The perfect iron for lightweight, entry level soldering.
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