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  1. List Price:
    Part Number: HJ4000-SET No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable
    SET, HJ4000 + FR811-04 Hot Air Rework Station + FR872-03 Preheater


  2. List Price:
    Part Number: HJ4000


  3. List Price:
    Part Number: FR860-02


    The Hakko FR-860 Preheat Plate is designed specifically for the electronics industry. The low profile and large, even heat surface across the plate provides fast, efficient heat.

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  4. List Price:
    Part Number: FR811-SET


    A complete, economical SMD hot air rework system, including the HAKKO FR-811 hot air station, bottom heater, handpiece rework fixture, board holder and vision system.


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  5. List Price:
    Part Number: FR811-04


    An advanced SMD rework station with vacuum pickup and a multitude of features for every need. When integrated with a bottom heater, board fixture and vision system, the FR-811 is a complete SMD rework system and the ideal choice for bottom terminated components. For complete set please see FR811-SET.

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    Part Number: FR810B-05

    The HAKKO FR-810B is ideal for removing SMDs and includes an integrated vacuum pickup system with a special visual indicator in the handpiece that allows the operator to visually see when the component has completely reflowed and is safely lifted from the pad.

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  7. List Price:
    Part Number: FR870B-04


    The Hakko FR-870B Infrared 2-Bank bench-top board heater is designed to elevate the temperature of the printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be easily soldered and desoldered. This tool is particularly useful when soldering Pb-free assemblies.

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    Part Number: FR810-05 Discontinued

    This product has been replaced by the FR810B-05.

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    Part Number: FR872-03


    The Hakko FR-872 Infrared 4-Bank sleek low profile, bench top PC Board Preheater is especially useful on medium to high-mass board assemblies.

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    Part Number: FM2029-02
    The Hakko FM-2029 Hot Air Pencil Handpiece is the perfect companion with the FM-206, 3-port Rework Station.
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    Part Number: FM2029-01
    This Hakko FM-2029 Hot Air Pencil is everything you need to add an additional hot air iron to your Hakko FM-206 station!
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    Part Number: FM206-55
    The Hakko FM-206, 3-port Rework Station will power any Hakko FM Series handpiece allowing your station to be customized to your rework needs. The Graphic User Interface makes the station easy to set up and operate.(Part# FM206-55, station only)
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Items 1-12 of 209

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