Why a Company Needs to Innovate


Adapt or Die! 

This is a fundamental principle in business, and never has such a universal truth been more important than in today’s marketplace. 

Advances in technology have spurred new technological innovations and created a new generation of innovators. These innovators are conceptualizing new products, turning ideas into reality, and approaching the old and existing in new innovative ways. They are thinking “outside the box.” 


What Does It Mean to Think “Outside the Box”? 

These new innovators are free thinking. They are not bound or confined to the old rules and practices of how things have always been done. Their minds are free to explore, imagine, and dream; they are not controlled by rules and traditions. 

Manufacturers need to inspire innovation and creativity. Problem solving with new thinking and in new ways. Many a solution can be found “outside the box” and the innovators are finding them. 

The HAKKO FX-971 Next Generation Soldering Station

In February, HAKKO introduced the new FX-971 soldering station with a new design that embodies a next generation soldering station. 

The station is strikingly unique from past HAKKO stations. The designers reinvented the look with a sleek, transparent glass-like cover over a black faceplate with golden-yellow control buttons that visually pop off the face, and integrated the HAKKO brand’s blue, yellow and champaign-gold color scheme together beautifully.  

Engineers designed performance enhancements with an innovative approach and with the customer in mind.  

  • • The compact station delivers 100W of power, with the FX-9701 standard iron delivering 95W, and the FX-9703
      micro iron delivering 70W of power for superior performance and fast thermal recovery.

  • • Soldering tip temperatures have been expanded to include a temperature range of
      120 °F – 850 °F / 50 °C – 450 °C

  • • Large, easy to read LCD display with a new user friendly interface allows operator to see BOTH Set Temperature
      & LIVE Sensor Temperatures.

  • The newly redesigned iron holder (FH-215) has a built in tip remover and tip attachment mechanism, allowing
      the operator to quickly, easily, and safely remove and install tips when necessary.


    • New T39 series tips (for use with FX-9701/FX-9702 standard irons) are available in 67 different shapes/sizes.


    • New T50 series tips (for use with the FX-9703/FX-9704 micro irons) are available in 8 different shapes/sizes.


New Hakko Control Software


Included with the station is the new HAKKO CONTROL SOFTWARE with a new intuitive user interface allowing the user to set, save, and control parameter setups and record operating data of the station and iron with the use of a PC/Tablet.



HAKKO has innovated the next generation in HAKKO soldering with the FX-971 soldering station. Launch date for North America is slated for March 1, 2023. 

For additional information, visit us at www.HakkoUSA.com or contact us at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) and at [email protected].


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