New HAKKO PRODUCTS! Be the first to see them at APEX EXPO 2023


The IPC APEX EXPO is North America’s largest electronics manufacturing trade show where industry leaders, PCB fabricators, OEMs, EMS companies, and industry professionals from all over the world gather to meet, exhibit and collaborate.

The entire event spans from January 21-26 and includes technical conferences, educational sessions, over 300 floor exhibitions, keynote speakers, and network receptions.

That’s right. We will be exhibiting NEW HAKKO products at the IPC APEX EXPO at the San Diego Convention Center on January 24-26, 2023.

Be the first to see and experience the latest from HAKKO.

Soldering technology continues to evolve as components become smaller and more complex and circuit boards become denser. Temperature sensitive components, smaller solder pads, and difficult to reach and rework components are challenging soldering equipment manufacturers like never before.

They must adapt to the constantly evolving technologies and overcome existing and emerging challenges. From the design and layout of the electronics’ circuit boards to the shipment of the final product, electronic equipment manufacturers are challenged at every step.

These challenges include component placement with enough allowance between components to minimize signal interactions (cross talk); dense circuit routing that can be etched in the circuit board and still have clearances for manufacturing tolerances; and thermal component management to ensure the components operate within their operating temperature specifications.

And if that wasn’t enough, sourcing has now become a new element in the challenge mix. Supply chain disruptions present a new challenge for electronic equipment manufacturers. Natural disasters. Pandemics. Political instability. Raw material shortages. Component shortages. Labor shortages at factories. Shipping delays. All of which affect the manufacturers’ ability to manufacture high quality products and deliver them on time.

HAKKO has faced and met these challenges head on and is proud to announce and show and tell the world about a series of NEW HAKKO products at the IPC APEX EXPO in 2023.

Please join us at booth #2306 in San Diego, January 24-26, 2023 at:

See you there!

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