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FX-1001 RF Induction Heating Soldering Iron Conversion Kit

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Soldering handpiece conversion kit with iron holder is used with the Hakko FX-100 RF induction heating soldering system. It is also compatible with a select number of "other" RF induction heating soldering systems.

Note: Tips not included
FX-1001 RF Induction Heating Soldering Iron Conversion Kit
No tip is included with the product you just added.

• Powered by RF (induction) heating

• Compatible with "other" RF induction heating soldering stations @ 13.56 MHz

• No calibration or system settings required

• Ergonomic handpiece

• Slender and lightweight

• Uses Hakko T31 Series tips (less expensive than others and offer up to 2-3X longer tip life)


FX1001-51 Handpiece

FH800-51BY Iron Holder with cleaning sponge and brass coils

B2300 Heat Pad

• Two extra grips: B5007 green sleeve, B5008 gray sleeve



 Model No.  FX-1001
 Part No.  FX1001-51
 Tip-to-Ground Resistance  < 2 OHMS
 Tip-to-Ground Potential  < 2mV
 Length of Cord  4.3 ft. (1.3 m)
 Total Length (w/o cord)  7.5 in. (190 mm) w/T31-02D24 tip
 Weight (w/o cord)  0.07 lbs. (31g) w/ T31-02D24 tip
 Tips (not included)

 T31-00 Series = 895°F (480°C)

 T31-01 Series = 840°F (450°C)

 T31-02 Series = 750°F(400°C)

 T31-03 Series = 660°F(350°C)

 Reach  4.3 ft. (1.3m)
 Heating Element  High Frequency Induction-Type
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