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FX-100 RF Induction Heat Soldering System Station Only

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RF induction heat technology at its best. Designed for fast, reliable, accurate, efficient, and ESD safe soldering. No calibration required, just turn it on and in just seconds you’ll be ready to go. Boost control delivers a boost of extra power when you need it. Its compact design minimizes the workbench footprint.

Note: FX-100 Soldering Station with power cord only. For station with Iron & accessories, please see FX100-04.

• User selectable Power Activity Display providing constant dynamic feedback to the operator about the thermal load on the soldering iron tip

• Password Lockout prevents unauthorized system setup changes

• Tip Sleep function reduces tip temperature to preserve tip life and reduce oxidation when the iron is not in use

• Large Backlit Display provides a clear and simple interface for the operator

• User Programmable Profiles for tip and solder selection

• Activity Monitor provide cumulative data on tip heater loads and tip running time to aid in process control and managing operating costs

• Auto-Power Off safety feature

• Compact design minimizes the workbench footprint

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 Model Name  FX-100
 Part No.  FX100-53
 Voltage  120V
 Power Consumption  85W
 Temperature Stability & Accuracy  Meets or exceeds IPC J-STD-001, ANSDI ESD S20.20 and older MIL-STD's
 Output Power  50W
 Output Frequency  13.56 MHz
 Country of Origin  JPN
 Weight  6.6 lb. (3 kg.)
 Dimension (W x H x D)  5.0 x 5.9 x 6.6 in. (127 x 150 x 167 mm)
 ESD Safe  Yes
 Approved  cMETus

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FX-100  FX100-53
 3-Wire Power Cord  B2419
 Instruction Manual  --
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