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T31-00D24 Chisel Tip, 895°F / 480°C

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TIP, CHISEL, 2.4 x 10mm, IH, 480°C/895°F, FX-1001

This item has been replaced by T31B-01D24


T31 Series Composite Tip

This tip is used with the Hakko FX-100 Induction Heat Soldering System. They use a highly precise manufacturing and process control method that allows for a more repeatable tip temperature between not only the same tip shape, but even between tips of different shapes but within the same series. Tip construction provides similar durability to that of the Hakko T15 Series tips, thus allowing you to experience Hakko's renowned tip life. The new high-frequency induction heaters are precisely tuned and highly responsive with excellent power output. These heaters are engineered for the higher target temperature of 895°F/480°C, where the thermal demand is extremely high and required by your application. The T31 Series Tips can be easily identified by the series marking that is laser etched into the end of the soldering iron tip and the yellow plug at the end of the tip.

Use with the Hakko FX1001-51 soldering iron.

Temperature: 895°F (480°C)

895°F / 480°C

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