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T31-021402 Spatula Blade Tip, 750°F / 400°C

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15.7mm  Wide Spatula 

15.7mm Wide Spatula blade 

T31 Series Composite Tip

The T31-xx1402 Series is a popular spatula shape tip for the exclusive use with the Hakko FX-1001 soldering iron handpiece. They use a highly precise manufacturing and process control method that allows for a more repeatable tip temperature between not only the same tip shape, but even between tips of different shapes but within the same series.

The spatula shape tips are generally used for the simultaneous soldering of mulitple leads along one side of an SMT component, or when used with desoldering wick for the removal of residual solder from a BGA component area. They are also used for soldering RF shielding found on some PCSs and other hot bar type applications.

For use with the Hakko FX-1001 soldering iron (P/N: FX1001-51.)

Part Number temperatures and shapes are defined as follows:

T31-01 = 450°C/840°F
T31-02 = 400°C/750°F
1402 = Spatula shape 15.7mm

Part Numbers:

750°F / 400°C

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