American Hakko Introduces a Collection of New Content Brands

Introducing a collection of intuitive content that brings you closer to all the action with our Eye on Hakko, Hakko Fights, Hakko Tips, and Hakko Donates series. Join our Hakko Tips E-Newsletter as we cover new products, tips, and industry wide information, involving you in the process as much as possible. Eye on Hakko takes you on a journey of entertainment and information through our videos, webinars, and social media, bringing you bigger and better content. Help us support the research into healthcare with Hakko Fights, our way to provide hope and support to those in need to help them thrive. Give back with Hakko Donates as we get involved in giving back to the communities that make us great. All this backed by the quality, reliability, and power you've come to expect from Hakko.


Reaching out and connecting the world through entertainment and information. American Hakko Products, Inc. hopes to unite and inspire a generation of individuals that can create a better tomorrow. Eye on Hakko is the realization of that dream, building a bridge between Hakko and you.


American Hakko Products, Inc. works with foundations that are dedicated to making a difference in individuals' lives through health care. The enthusiasm and dedication shown from these institutions is what fuels us in the fight against disease and illness. With the goal to passionately create an environment where we can give hope, and support, and help lives thrive.


Continually striving to put a smile on our customers faces has always been our number one priority. You can hear it when you call into our customer service and you can see it on our products. Our process for creating a better product always starts with the customer and we'd like to involve them in on that process as much as possible. The Hakko Tips E-Newsletter is our way to connect them to that experience, to inform them, and let them grow with us.



American Hakko Products, Inc. with the mission of building a better future for younger generations, is dedicated to the community, universities and schools whose main focus is on engineering where people come from all walks of life to build something together. Over the years we've prided ourselves in assisting in this endeavor by inspiring and empowering the next generation to embrace their skills of soldering using Hakko products.

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