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New Eye on Hakko - April 29, 2022 - FT-802 Wire Strippers

What exactly is a thermal wire stripper, how is it different, and who can benefit from using such a unique product? Lets find out together as Kenta guides us through the amazing world of Thermal Wire Stripping! He'll cover the third generation wire stripper from Hakko, the FT-802 and all its wonderous features. Take a look at the all new fully redesigned, ergonomic handpiece with its brand new G4 Blades which provide better blade alignment. This Thermal Wire Stripper station provides superior thermal performance with a more accurate cut. See why Hakko is leading the charge in soldering, desoldering, rework, and wire stripping this Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 11am PST.

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FX-801 Ultra Heavy Duty Soldering Station

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We've expanded our studio here at American Hakko Products, Inc. to bring you bigger and better content. We've brought in state of the art equipment to provide the best quality possible. Our studio is the bridge that connects us to you, through entertainment, information, and technology.

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