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FM2026-01 Iron Connector Assembly

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The Hakko FM-2026 soldering iron connector assembly is designed to supply hot nitrogen to the soldering area, which can increase the soldering efficiency as the gas pre-heats the work area. Calibration is required before starting operation.
Note: Tips not included
FM2026-01 Iron Connector Assembly
No tip is included with the product you just added.
FM-2026 Soldering Iron


FM-2026 N2 Soldering Iron (can be used with the Hakko FP-102, FM-202, FX-951, FM-203 and FM-206 stations)
• supplies hot nitrogen (N
2) gas to the soldering area
• the nitrogen gas is preheated as it passes along the ceramic heater in the FM-2026 handpiece
• soldering efficiency can be improved as the hot nitrogen creates a preheating effect while reducing the amount of oxygen in the solder connection area (less oxidation)

Part Number: FM2026-01


Nozzle Assembly (click on image for enlarged view)
• delivers uniform nitrogen gas to the soldering area
• efficient operation prevents the oxidation of solder


The Hakko N2 soldering system's compact design saves valuable bench space. Use it for soldering multilayer PWBs and high density PWBs with heat sensitive components.

Call your local Hakko sales professional for a no obligation demonstration today.

Note: The 6 mm hose (black tubing) from the nitrogen generator to the controller are not included because length requirements vary greatly from customer to customer. The 6 mm hose (black tubing) can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Part Number: FX780-01 Generator  (see Specifications for details)
Part Number: FX791-01 Controller 
(see Specifications for details)
Part Number: FM2026-01 N
2 Soldering Iron (see Specs for details)

Part Number: FM2026-KIT
Note: FM-2026-KIT includes FM2026-01 (iron) and FX791-01 (Controller) ONLY



Soldering Iron

Model Name FM-2026
Part Number FM2026-01
Power Consumption 70W
Tip-to-Ground Resistance < 2 ohm
Tip-to-Ground Potential < 2 mV
Cord 1.2 m
Total length (w/o cord) 205 mm (with 2.4D shape tip)
(w/o cord)
45 g (with 2.4D shape tip)
Contents Connector Assy (FM2026-02)
Sleeve Assy (B2765D)
Sleeve Cover (B2974)
Guard (B2998)
Retaining Clip (B2791)
Heat Pad (B2300)
Instruction manual
Soldering tip and nozzle assembly NOT included

Soldering Iron Options

Sleeve cover

B2765D Sleeve assembly  (yellow)
B2768D Sleeve assembly  (orange)
B2769D Sleeve assembly  (blue)
B2998 N2 guard


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