Collaboration is Key to a Great Customer Experience


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” - Henry Ford

Henry Ford said this on how to build a successful business. We’ve covered why the customer experience matters so much and the Hakko quality standard in a prior article which you can read here. A part of that customer experience is the collaboration between technical support and customer service departments, ensuring the customer is properly taken care of.

Customers will remain loyal to a brand if all their needs are met in a seamless and memorable transaction. More and more, customers expect this type of service, and to remain competitive, it is vital for a company to meet these expectations. To accomplish this, everyone in the organization must be open and able to work together to deliver the experience. It’s all about understanding the customer’s needs and how to help them find the right solution. 


Our friendly customer service will try and assist the customer in any way possible, but if they need a bit more technical assistance, that’s when we will involve a more knowledgeable technical support specialist. Our technical support specialists are trained on every Hakko product, and are familiar with various manufacturing process details, and are always more than happy to assist.

Working together, these two departments ensure that the customers’ issues are resolved. This collaborative environment is supported with technology that allows employees as well as customers to share feedback, data, information, and gives insight across multiple departments. There’s more than just a joyful smile that guarantees a satisfactory customer experience. By looking into the different roles of each department, we can assess what is the appropriate channel by which to assist the customer.

This process also helps us to fix any issues or find areas where we may improve to provide a better customer experience. It’s always helpful to get an outside perspective that can help us notice an area that may have been overlooked. ‘Continually striving to put a smile on our customers’ faces’ is a promise we ensure by continuously improving and updating our customer experience.

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