Rework with the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers

In 1965, engineer Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors on a computer chip was doubling about every 18 to 24 months. He proposed that transistors on a chip would continue to double every two years for at least another decade with this prediction coming to be known as Moore’s Law. Over 50 years have passed now with the electronics industry arguably still on this current trajectory. With smaller and smaller components comes a higher demand for quality rework tools that can accurately get the job done.

The HAKKO FX-1003 Micro Tweezers are the ideal choice for small component rework that features precision tip alignment and superior thermal performance. It is our latest addition to our FX-100 Induction Heating Soldering Station which further expands its versatility. The small and ergonomic handle of the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers are perfect for providing comfort to the operator’s hand for this delicate work.

Although the components are getting smaller, the need for higher heating performance only increases as engineers find more ways to dissipate heat and protect the PCB. We talked about the advantages of induction heating in March’s edition of HAKKO Tips which you can read about it here. This heating technology gives the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers the edge on performance and power to make sure the rework process is clean and smooth.

The FX-1003 Micro Tweezers use NEW T38 series tips with a variety of shapes capable of working on components as small as 01005. Due to using induction heating, no calibration or temperature setting is required. The T38 tips are available in two temperature ranges: 02 for 750°F and 03 for 660°F. Working with such tiny components is critical and that’s why the FX-1003 handpiece is equipped with tip adjustment mechanisms, giving the user the ability to easily adjust the horizontal, vertical alignment, angle and tip length.

T38 Tip Series

Adjusting the tips is recommended every time a new pair of tips are installed to ensure the tips are aligned properly, allowing for consistent work. Each T38 tip has a directional marker that indicates the correct orientation for inserting the tip into the handpiece. Removing and replacing tips has also been made easier with the all-new FH-800 holder that comes with the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers Kit.

HAKKO FX-1003 Micro Tweezer Holder

The holder itself is perfectly designed for the FX-1003 handpiece with a heat-resistant rubber iron cover with built-in tip-removal pads. The holder also comes with convenient tip storage pockets along the back to house unused tips. The holder comes with a traditional cleaning sponge as well as brass cleaning wire. The optional cleaning brush is also a good alternative for fine point and bent shaped tips.

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