Soldering with Induction Heating

Technology is constantly changing and always evolving, and for soldering this brings us to induction heating. Induction heating is one of the most powerful and efficient methods of generating high temperatures, and that’s why for this Hakko Tips we’re talking all about Induction.

Induction heating uses high frequency alternating current that passes through an electromagnet creating electric currents called “eddy currents.” These eddy currents generate targeted heating by flowing through the resistance of the tip material, essentially heating up the tip, (think a commercial oven heating up a cold chicken dinner just much, much faster). This form of heating is efficiently superior compared to traditional wire and ceramic heating. This means that a soldering iron using induction heating at a lower wattage can outperform other more conventional soldering irons.

The nature of induction heating dictates that every tip will have its own temperature threshold which is known as its “Curie point.” The Curie point sets a specific temperature that the iron will maintain, this makes the recovery time much quicker in the event the temperature does drop. So, if the Curie point for a tip is 750 °F then once turned on, the iron will immediately begin to heat up to that temperature, no adjustments needed.

We’ve implemented this heating technology into our FX-100 Soldering Station, in both its FX-1001 standard handpiece and FX-1002 micro handpiece and the soon to be released FX-1003 Micro Tweezers. The FX-1001 standard handpiece has a variety of different tips with four different Curie points set at 895 °F (00 series), 840 °F (01 series), 750 °F (02 series), and 660 °F (03 series). All the FX-1001 tips have color coordinated caps that represent their temperatures with 895 °F being Yellow, 840 °F being blue, 750 °F being black, and 660 °F being white.

We’re always striving to continuously put a smile on our customers faces by consistently improving our product. Incorporating induction heating to our product line up is just one way we evolve and continue to change. We hope you found this interesting and that you’ll join us for next month’s Hakko Tips.

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