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808 Desoldering Tool

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The HAKKO 808 is a handy, portable desoldering tool with a built-in vacuum pump. Lightweight carrying case included.

The Hakko 808 is a handy, portable desoldering tool with a built-in vacuum pump.  No separate station is required.

• thin, comfortable grip and low vibration

This unique Hakko design places the pump and motor above, not inside, the grip. Vibration is kept to a minimum, and the grip is thin and easy to hold. Delicate tasks are performed with greater ease; the tool can be used for long periods without operator fatigue.

• simple and inexpensive pump maintenance

The new, miniature, high-performance diaphragm pump is housed in the chamber at the rear of the Hakko 808. Pump maintenance is quick and easy-simply remove the cover. If repairs are ever needed, replacement parts are inexpensive.

• tip-to-ground potential difference no greater than 2mV

• tip-to-ground resistance no greater than 2 ohms

• adjustable temperature control (380°C - 480°C / 715°F - 895°F)

• includes Carrying Case and Hot Sock
Part Number, Gun: 808-5
Part Number, Carrying Case: C1099
Part Number, Hot Sock: 605M


Part No. P-808-KIT
Power Consumption 100W
Heating Element Ceramic heater (80W)
Motor Output 6.5W
Temperature 380°C - 480°C (715°F - 895°F)
Temperature Stability
(at idle)
Tip-to-Ground Resistance Under 2 ohms
Tip-to-Ground Potential Under 2mV
Vacuum Pump Double-cylinder diaphragm pump
Vacuum Pressure 600 mmHg (24 in. Hg)
Suction Flow 10 l/min.
(w/o Case)
170(H) x 235(W) mm
(6.7(H) x 9.3(W) in.)
(w/o Case)
420 g (0.9 lb.)
Standard Nozzle A1005 (Nozzle dia. 1.0mm)


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