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FX-972 Dual Port Station Only

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STATION ONLY, W/B5348 & B5129 & B2419, FX-972

The New HAKKO FX-972 Dual Port Soldering Station is a 200W soldering station that has the power to utilize multiple handpieces for various operator needs. The FX-972 supports 8 different types of handpieces which include standard, micro, rework tweezers, micro tweezers, and heavy duty irons, as well as nitrogen handpieces. The FX-972 has a large LCD screen, a new intuitive user interface, wireless IR temperature offsetting, and works with the new Hakko Control Software. FX-972 is only compatible with HAKKO CONTROL SOFTWARE V4 or higher.

NOTE: The FX-972 is a STANDALONE station and does not come with any Handpieces. All Handpieces must be purchased separately and can be found in the accessories tab.

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Note: Tips not included
FX-972 Dual Port Station Only
No tip is included with the product you just added.

Tip Thermometer

Micro Soldering Iron

Temperature Testers
N2 Nitrogen

200W Dual-Port Soldering Station
Temp Ranges 50°C-450°C (120°F-850°F)
8 Handpiece Options Available
Wireless IR Offsetting
HAKKO Control Software
Soldering Station, Irons and Holders
FX-972 Soldering Station
The Next Generation of soldering stations from Hakko, featuring increased thermal power, new display interface, integrated software control and more!
FX-9701 Standard Handpiece
The FX-9701 is a 100W standard handpiece that uses T39 tips that have over 60+ shapes and sizes.
FX-9702 Standard Nitrogen Handpiece
The FX-9702 is the standard handpiece that utilizes nitrogen soldering.
FX-9703 Micro Handpiece
The FX-9703 is the micro soldering iron that has 70W of power and uses the T50 micro series tips.
FX-9704 Micro Hydrogen Handpiece
The FX-9704 is the micro handpiece that uses nitrogen soldering.
FX-9707 Heavy-Duty Soldering Handpiece
The FX-9707 is the heavy-duty soldering iron for the FX-972, with 200W of power for superior heating performance on large mass components.
FX-9708 Heavy-Duty Soldering Nitrogen Handpiece
The FX-9708 is the heavy-duty handpiece that utilizes nitrogen soldering.
FX-9705 Rework Tweezers
The FX-9705 Rework Tweezers are 190W tweezers designed for the removal of small surface mount components.
FX-9706 Micro Tweezers
The FX-9706 Micro Tweezers are 140W micro tweezers with (4) levels of tip alignment for the removal of components with a range of 10mm down to 0.
Background Facility

& Benefits
Temp Ranges 50°C-500°C (120°F-940°F)
60+ Tip Size and Shapes
8 Handpiece Options Available
HAKKO Control Software
FG-100/101B Wireless IR Offsetting

*Temperature range varies with handpiece

FX-9701 Soldering Iron
T39 Tip Series
The T39 Tip Series feature a wider temperature range from 120°-850° F and are available in over 60 shapes and sizes.
Iron Handpiece
The new design now includes the handpiece and grip as one unit.

Standard Soldering Iron

N2 Soldering Iron

FX-9703 Micro Soldering Iron
T50 Tip Series
The T50 Tip Series are the newest micro tips available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Iron Handpiece
The new design now includes the handpiece and grip as one unit.

Micro Soldering Iron

N2 Micro Soldering Iron

FX-9707 Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
T53 Tip Series
The T53 Tip Series are the newest heavy-duty tips available in a variety of shapes and sizes operating at double the power compared to a standard iron.
Iron Handpiece
The new design now includes the handpiece and grip as one unit.

Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron

N2 Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron

FX-9705 Tweezers
Height Adjustment Dial
This dial adjusts the height of the tip.
height adjustment
Forward Adjustment Dial
This dial adjusts the forward placement of the tip.
width adjustment

Rework Tweezers

FX-9706 Micro Tweezers

Micro Tweezers


 Model Name  FX-972
 Part No.  FX972-011
 Power Consumption  200W 120V
 Temperature Range  50° - 500°C (120° - 940°F)*
 Temperature Stability  ±3°C (±5°F)
 Output Voltage  24V
 Outer Dimensions  126(W) x 151(H) x 149(D) mm
 (5 x 5.9 x 5.4 in.)
 Weight  6.2 lb. (2.8 kg.)
 Country of Origin  MYS


*Temperature range varies with handpiece

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Soldering Station  FX972-011
Color Bands (2 pcs)  B5348
 Power Cord  B2419
 USB Cable  B5129
 CD-ROM  --
 Instruction Manual  --


Note: Tips are not included.

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