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FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

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The Hakko FG-101B Soldering Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance. This tester will provide you with quick, accurate soldering measurements. Note: This product comes with a Calibration Certificate.

The HAKKO FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance. Leak voltage and tip-to-ground resistance can be easily measured due to automatic self-correction of the zero point.

• Resistant to drift and ambient temperature variations.

• Highly reliable and accurate measurements.

• MAX HOLD function displays maximum value when MAX HOLD button is pressed.

• Suitable for Lead-Free solder applications.

• AUTO HOLD feature that ends measurements automatically once the tip temperature is stabilized.

• Able to switch between °Fahrenheit and °Celsius

NOTE: Leak voltage is that potential resulting from the small current ‘leaking’ from the tip of a soldering iron, even though the tip may be grounded. This current can damage sensitive components. The HAKKO FG-101B provides a quick and accurate means of measuring this leak voltage.


Note: Calibration Certificate comes with equipment.


 Part No.  FG101B-03
 Resolution  °F  °C
 Range of Measurement1  32 - 1300°F  0 - 700°C
 Applied Sensor  K(CA) Type Thermocouple
 Measurement Tolerance2  ±6°F
(572 - 1112°F)
(300 - 600°C)
 Voltage Resolution  0.1mV
 Measurement Range  0-40mV (AC)
 Voltage Precision  ± (5% + 1 digit)
 Resistance Resolution  0.1 ohms
 Resistance Measurement range  0-40 ohms
 Resistance Precision  ± (5% + 1 digit)
 LCD Display  3.5 digit
 Temperature Measurement Count  000 to 999 counts
 Power Consumption  120V/3.2W
(excluding protrusions)
 211 x 53 x 126 mm
8.31 x 2.09 x 4.96 in.
 Weight  0.95kg (2.09 lb.)
 Operating Environment  0-40°C (32-104°F)
Max 80%RH no condensation
 Pollution Degree Rating  Pollution Degree 2
 Standards & Ratings

1Temperature sensor (PN: 191-212) can only be used to measure temperatures below 500 °C (932°F). To measure higher temperatures, use an applicable temperature probe.

2Measurement tolerance is ±5°C / ±10°F for measurements outside the range given for measurement tolerance above.

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FG-101B Tip Thermometer  FG101B-03
 User Manual  ---
 Sensor  AS5000
 Fuse  B2468
 Conductive Wire  B1950
 Power Cord  B2419
 Grounding Clip  B1754
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