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FH-800 Micro Tweezers Holder

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The holder for the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers. 

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A compact light weight replacement holder for the FX-1003 Micro Tweezers. The FH-800 Holder stores the micro tweezer safely, comes with a cleaning sponge and brass wire, along with ports along the back to hold spare tips. The FH-800 has built in tip removers to make changing out hot tips from the FX-1003 easy and convenient. There is a bottom plate for clearing out excess solder debris and for changing out the brass wire.

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Holder  FH800-84BY
 Brass Cleaning Wire  A1561
 Cleaning sponge  A5038
 Bottom plate  B3751
 Iron cover  A5064
 Receptacle  --
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