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B5286 Cap Kit

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A protective cap for the HAKKO FX-600/601 soldering irons.

NOTE: While the plastic is heat resistant, it is not intended to be used as a holder or installed while the soldering iron is on. Heat from the soldering iron will cause the cap to increase in temperature so use caution.


This protective cap for the HAKKO FX‐600 and FX‐601 Soldering Irons can be easily attached to your existing iron. Once installed, you simply unscrew the cap to expose the soldering iron tip for use. When you are finished soldering, unplug the soldering iron and screw the cap back on. The heat resistant plastic prevents the tip from contacting and melting other tools or power cords in your toolbox when you put it away. It also helps reduce the risk of injury from accidentally touching the soldering iron tip when it is cooling down after use.


 Part No.  B5286
(excluding protrusions)
 100mm x 24.5 mm
3.94 in x 0.96 in.
(Including screws & adapter)
 0.8 oz (21.9 g)
 Material  Phenolic Plastic
 Max Temperature  181 °C (358 °F)
 ESD Safe  No
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