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American Hakko's Quality Policy
We continually strive to put a smile on our Customers' faces
by interacting with integrity and seeking the truth with courage
as we constantly improve to meet their expectations.



For over 60 years Hakko has been producing superior quality soldering and desoldering tools, hot air rework stations, smoke and fume extraction systems, technical training classes, and a wide assortment of accessories and related equipment for the electronics, industrial and hobby industries. When people are asked why they use Hakko equipment, the answers are nearly always the same: “reliability", “best value", and “excellent service."


American Hakko is registered by Underwriters Laboratories
to ISO 9001:2015.


ISO Mark



Recognizing the value and importance of the ISO 9001 quality system standard, American Hakko began development of the American Hakko Quality System in 1998, focusing not just on the quality of product, but on the quality of the relationship with customers who use the product and services provided by American Hakko.


To speak to someone right away, please call CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Toll Free) 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556).

Note: We will be offering new products to the marketplace throughout the coming months so please return to our website often to get a first hand preview of what's coming.

Thank you for your visit. We look forward to serving you today and for many years to come.


The Staff at American Hakko Products, Inc.

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