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When you think of superior quality when soldering in electronics for industrial or hobby use, the name HAKKO comes to mind. HAKKO has been a trusted brand for over 70 years with American Hakko Products, Inc. selling and distributing in the United States for over 35 years. We have been a leading producer and distributor of superior quality tools for soldering, desoldering, SMD hot air rework, and fume extraction systems.


What has led us through this successful journey is our commitment to put a smile on our customers’ faces. You can hear it when you call into our customer support and you can see it in our products. Our process for creating a bigger and better experience always starts with the customer in mind. This is what sets us apart from our competitors, coupled with the fact that we have great prices on reliable, quality products. We believe in seeking out honest reviews from our customers to enable us to improve our services and continue giving them the great service that they truly deserve. And this is why, a few months ago, we decided to redesign and improve our website! www.HakkoUSA.com

A one stop shop for anything you need from products, to informative material, how to videos, and blog articles all related to the electronics manufacturing industry. All this and so much more, backed by the quality, reliability, and power you’ve come to expect from HAKKO.

We're Not Just About Soldering

Introducing a collection of intuitive content that brings you closer to all the action with our EYE ON HAKKO, HAKKO FIGHTS, HAKKO TIPS, and Hakko Donates series. Join our HAKKO TIPS E-Newsletter as we cover new products, tips, and industry wide information, involving you in the process as much as possible. EYE ON HAKKO takes you on a journey of entertainment and information through our videos, webinars, and social media, bringing you bigger and better content. Help us support the research into healthcare with HAKKO FIGHTS, our way to provide hope and support to those in need to help them thrive. Give back with HAKKO DONATES as we get involved in giving back to the communities that make us great. All this backed by the quality, reliability, and power you've come to expect from Hakko.

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American Hakko's Quality Policy
We continually strive to put a smile on our Customers' faces by interacting with integrity and seeking the truth with courage as we constantly improve to meet their expectations.


Recognizing the value and importance of the ISO 9001 quality system standard, American Hakko began development of the American Hakko Quality System in 1998, focusing not just on the quality of product, but on the quality of the relationship with customers who use the product and services provided by American Hakko.

A Journey Through the Years, 1984 - 2022

A brief history and a look at American Hakko Products, Inc. A company built on dreams, quality products, and by the people who love what they do. Here is a timeline of events that tell a small part of a much larger story.

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