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585 MG 60W Soldering Gun

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The trigger action on this self-feed solder tool makes the Hakko MG Soldering Iron especially easy to operate with one hand. This tool accepts a broad size range of solder and the feed mechanism can be adjusted to feed just the right amount of solder. Available in 40W, 60W, 80W, and 100W.

The HAKKO MG soldering irons have a self-feed solder spool for one-handed soldering operations. They easily accept any size solder between 0.8mm and 2.3mm in diameter. Adjustable feed mechanism can be adjusted to feed between 3mm and 8mm of solder at a time.

Compact, lightweight design for fatigue-free soldering. Special alloy-plated Everpoint tip resists wear for a longer, more efficient service life.

• trigger operation for easy one-hand soldering

• quick solder wire replacement with a simple upward push of the trigger

• solder feed control for precise adjustment of the amount of solder wire feed to the tip (min. 3mm, max. 8mm)

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Part Number: 583M-V12 (40W)
Part Number: 585M-V12
Part Number: 587M-V12
Part Number: 589M-V12

(see Specifications for details)


Part Number 583 585 587 589
Power Consumption 40W 60W 80W 100W
Standard Tip 582-T-4 585-T-6 587-T-8 587-T-8
Heating Element Nichrome Heater
Outer Dimensions
(W x H)
197x149mm 213x149mm 227x149mm 227x149mm
Weight 266g 290g 318g 322g
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