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Here are a few tips on how to spot a FAKE and how to SHOP with Confidence

Shop direct from HakkoUSA or an Authorized Distributor.

Compare price with authorized distributors or HakkoUSA directly, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Check wattage and voltage, uncommon wattages or voltages should be shopped with caution.

Fakes tend to look real but will wear out faster, can damage components, or not work at all. If you're worried about a possible counterfeit product online, call us at 1-800-88-HAKKO(42556) to verify. Don't get scammed, Shop Smart, Shop Direct.

We've all heard the saying, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is" and for many of us in life, it's never really steered us wrong. It is tempting to want to buy something at a lower cost just to save a buck or two, but will it be worth it in the end? With so many places to shop online now and so many online retailers to choose from it can be difficult to know if we’re buying something authentic and can feel overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help you shop with confidence.


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When shopping for Hakko products, anything purchased directly from American Hakko Products, Inc. is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. If you are looking to shop elsewhere, your safest bet would be to purchase from any of our Authorized Distributors.

Pay attention to the seller, if the seller is not in the U.S., it will most likely not be for the North American market. American Hakko Products, Inc. and all our Authorized Distributors are in the U.S. or Canada and sell 120V product standard.


Any other voltage for example 100/110/220/230/240 is not standard and you should proceed with caution before purchasing. If the product breaks or stop working, and if was not sold through American Hakko Products, Inc. or one of our Authorized Distributors, you can send it in for repair, but we will be required to quote all necessary parts to bring the unit to North American standards.

The most important thing to note is simply, know who you are buying from, eBay and Amazon are nice places to shop online, but can be filled with imposters, so look at the seller and if you cannot confirm they are an Authorized Distributor, it’s probably best to stay away.

Hakko Authorized Distributors List

There are many products out there with similar names, similar designs, colors, and just out right fakes, so shop smart.

For more information, visit or contact us at 1-800-88-HAKKO(42556) and at [email protected]


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