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FT-801 with FT-8003 Hot Knife

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The Hakko FT-801 Thermal Wire Stripper is ergonomically designed and can be used on a variety of insulated wires, including fluoroplastic. (Part # FT801-31 includes the Hakko FT8003-01 Hot Knife)

• Compact station minimizes bench space

• Digital power control from 5% to 100% (in increments of 5%)

• Locking process control allows a set max power limit or full lock with no adjustment allowed

• Extra long, flexible cord for a long reach

• Ultra-slim ergonomic handpiece

• Knife blade designed for ultra-thick wires or trimming expando or other wire harness braiding

• Easy insertion and removal of knife blade

• New holder design with safety protective cover

• FOD tray mitigates debris on the work bench

• Auto Power Off

• Sleep mode functionality

• ESD Safe

FT-801 with Thermal Wire Stripper Handpiece



 Model Name  FT-801
 Part No.  FT801-31
 Power Consumption  68W / 120VAC
 Temperature Range  200°C - 800°C (392°F - 1472°F)
 Dimensions  80(w) x 130(h) x 131(d) mm
3.1 (w) x 5.1 (h) x 5.2(d) inch
 Weight (station)  1.32 kg (2.9 lb.)
 Weight (shipping)  2.66 kg (5.9 lb.)
 ESD Safe  Yes
 Safety Approval



 Model Name  FT-8003
 Part Number  FT8003-01
 Power Consumption  46W / 24V
 Tip to Ground Resistance  <2 ohms
 Tip to Ground Potential  <2 mV
 Length (w/o cord, blade)  155mm
 Weight (w/o cord, blade)  27g

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FT-801 station  ---
 Blade Removal Tool
 Handpiece holder
 Connector Cable
 Power Cord
 Knife Blade
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