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FT-8004 Wire Stripper Conversion Kit

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Conversion Kit for the FT-8004 Wire Stripper.

Note: Blades and C5012 holder not included with conversion kit

The FT-8004 handpiece is backwards compatible with the FT-801 station.

This conversion kit allows current users of the FT-801 to upgrade to the new FT-8004 handpiece to experience increased performance and blade alignment without having to purchase a brand-new station.

The C5012 or C1573 handpiece holder for the FT-8002 can be upgraded to fit the FT-8004 handpiece by replacing the receptacle with the B5247.



 Model Name  FT-8004
 Part No.  FT8004-81
 Power Consumption  72W (20V)
 Total Length (w/o cord, blade)  153mm (6.0 in.)
 Length of Cord  1.6m (63 in.)
 Weight (w/o cord, blade)  47g (0.1 lb.)

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FT-8004 Handpiece  FT8004-81
 Holder receptacle for use with C5012  B5247
 Instruction Manual  --
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