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    Part Number: FX1001-52

    Soldering handpiece conversion kit with iron holder is used with the Hakko FX-100 RF induction heating soldering system. It is also compatible with a select number of "other" RF induction heating soldering systems.

  2. List Price:
    Part Number: FX1002-84

    The Hakko FX-1002 soldering handpiece is to be used with the Hakko FX-100 RF induction heating soldering system only.

  3. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2030-02
    The Hakko FM-2030 Heavy Duty Soldering iron Kit is the ideal companion for the Hakko FM-203 soldering station or the FM-206 rework station.
  4. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2031-02
    The Hakko FM-2031 Nitrogen compatible soldering iron is ideal for soldering difficult-to-solder heavy ground planes and high heat sink applications. Uses T22 tips (not included) and can be used with the Hakko FM-203 soldering station and the FM-206 rework station.
  5. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2032-52

    This conversion kit includes the sleek micro soldering iron, iron holder with sponge, heat resistant pad, and "sleep" connecting cable. For use with the Hakko FX-951, FM-203, and FM-206 soldering systems.

  6. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2027-06

    This Hakko FM2027-06 Conversion Kit is all you need to add an additional soldering iron to your existing Hakko FM station. The pencil style handpiece takes the T15 Tip Series.

  7. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2026-06 No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable
    The Hakko FM-2026 soldering iron is designed to supply hot gas to the soldering area, which can increase the soldering efficiency as the gas pre-heats the work area. Calibration is required before starting operation.
  8. List Price:
    Part Number: FM2026-KIT
    The Hakko FM-2026 N2 Soldering System Kit is ideal for all your lead-free hand soldering applications. NOTE: FX-780 and FX-781 N2 Generator NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately. See Product Description for details.
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    Part Number: FU6002-01X No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable

    Right-angled soldering handpiece for the FU-601 station / HU-200.

  10. List Price:
    Part Number: FU6001-01X No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable

    Straight soldering handpiece for use with the FU-601 station.

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    Part Number: FX8803-04 No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable
    Soldering Gun for the FX-889/888D/888,FX-8803
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    Part Number: FX650-02/P
    The perfect iron for lightweight, entry level soldering.
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