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FR-1418 BGA System (Manual Z-axis)

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The Hakko FR-1418 BGA Rework system provides unsurpassed precision and stability with unique gantry style construction that allows the printed circuit board to remain stationary while accomplishing alignment along four axes. (Model FR1418-02 features a 10 x 12" preheater and Manual Z-Axis)

Part Number: FR1418-02

The Hakko FR-1418 BGA Rework System is constructed of heavy-walled aluminum castings for unsurpassed precision and stability and uses precisely controlled solder reflow profiles. The system features a unique gantry style construction similar to that of a pick-and-place machine, which allows the PCB to remain stationary while the head moves to accomplish the X, Y, Z and Theta alignment.

The Z-axis travel and component placement is manually controlled. The bottom heater is a dual zone (12 x 20 inches) large area, low mass infra-red heater that provides fast, efficient heating and eliminates board warping.


• Unique gantry system allows the PCB to remain stationary while the head is manually moved to accomplish the X, Y, Z and Theta alignment.
• The design allows the capacity to rework boards up to 14 x 18 inches in a smaller footprint with simple board fixture.
• Rigid structure for stability and accurate component placement
• Rapid movement handle allows fast, easy X-Y alignment along smooth motion gantry
• Fine adjust with fine-threaded adjustment knobs


• Board capacity: 2 x 2 inch minimum, 14 x 20 inch maximum (larger board sizes possible)
• PCB thickness up to 0.25 inch (6.4 mm)
• Able to remove components up to 1.5 in. tall
• Component sizes: 0.08 inch (2.0 mm) square minimum, 2 inch (51 mm) square maximum
• Able to handle both grid array and leaded-typed components (BGA, CGA, QFP, LCC, TSOP and many others.)
• Placement accuracy to +/- 0.002 inches
• Fully adjustable PCB holding fixture standard


• Pentium Class PC with Windows-based operating system
• Recipe controls parameters for Preheat, Soak, Reflow, and Cool Down
• Unlimited recipe storage
• Advanced, automatic profiling capabilities
• Video capture card with flat screen monitor provides clear viewing during component placement
• "Teach" mode profiling sets the recipe times based on the input operating and target temperatures
• Password protection prevents unauthorized use or adjustment of recipes



• Forced convection hot gas system
• Heater head with built in vacuum pick-up and Theta adjustment
• Various interchangeable vacuum tips and cups available
• Low, medium, and high gas flow

• Large area, low mass infra-red heaters provides fast, efficient heating and eliminates board warping
Standard: 750W single zone IR array (10x12")
• Optional: 1500W single zone High Density IR array (10x12")
• Optional: 1500W dual zone IR array (12x20")
• Optional: 3000W 240V two zone High Density IR array (12x20")

• True proportional control (0-100% power)


• Real-time process monitoring and development
• TEACH, BOARD and two SPARE thermocouples
• Control system graphs thermocouple temperatures


• Beam-splitting prism allows LookUp/LookDown vision with LED lighting
• Top and bottom lighting independently adjusted
• Optional Pan and Tilt mirror allows zoom in and scanning of image

• Color camera with fixed mirror
• Focus, zoom and aperature control




Part Number FR1418-01
Power Consumption 120 VAC, 15A
Preheater, low mass IR 750W Single Zone
254 x 305 mm (10 x 12 inch)
Proportional control 20-100%
Top Heater, forced convection hot/gas 1000W
Dimensions 711 x 711 x 711 mm
(28 x 28 x 28 inch)
Weight 57 kg (125 lbs.)
Supply Air 483 kPa (70 PSI) 5 CFM
(Dry, Filtered)
1/8 inch NPT female inlet
3/8 inch (10mm) min.

Standard Accessories Pack

Qty Part Number Description
2 222-510 Bottom IR Heater Lamp 500W
3 222-512 Type K 36 Ga. Thermocouple
1 222-513 Standard Vacuum Cup 0.28 Dia.
1 222-514 Optics Calibration Tip
1 222-515 Optics Calibration Plate
1 222-528 HMI Software
1 n/a HMI Workstation CPU
1 n/a Flat Panel Monitor for HMI Workstation
1 n/a Video capture card for HMI Workstation


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