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CHP Micro Nipper, TR-20-SM

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Tool for a flush cut. The reduced head’s dimension and its pointed shape, allow access to difficult to reach areas. Similar to TR-20-M but with rounded edges. Safety clip for holding wire scraps securely after cutting available (order part number TR-20-SM-A). Safety clip type AF.

For ESD version see TR-20-SM-D.


Tool for flush cut with rounded outside edges to reduce nicking to adjacent components and leads.

Part Number: TR-20-SM
Cutting Force: 3 kg
Cut: Flush
Max cut: 20 AWG copper wire
Part Number (with safety clip): TR-20-SM-A

Note: Max cut is determined with copper wire. To order tool with black dissipative handles, add the suffix –D to the part number (ie. TR-20-SM-D)

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