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HJ2002-04 Desoldering Maintenance Kit for the HAKKO 472D

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Desoldering maintenance kit for the 807 and 817 desoldering tools used with the HAKKO 472D desoldering station.

Use this desoldering maintenance kit to keep your HAKKO 472D desoldering tools in proper working order. The kit provides all the necessary cleaning tools for regular maintenance of varous nozzle sizes. Also included are the most common replacement parts and plenty of filters that are needed to be changed the most frequently to prevent particles from clogging the vacuum pressure.


Part No. Description Qty1
HJ2002-04 472D Desoldering Maintenance Kit --
A1028 Silicone Grease 1
A10302 807/809/817 Spring Filter 5
A5044 Ceramic Filter 10
B1306 Drill Holder 0.8-1.0mm 1
B13082 Drill Bit 0.8mm 1
B13092 Drill Bit 1.0mm 1
B1086 Cleaning Pin 0.8mm 1
B1087 Cleaning Pin 1.0mm 1
B1088 Cleaning Pin 1.3mm 1
B1089 Cleaning Pin 1.6mm 1
B2874 Cleaning Pin 0.6mm 1
B2875 Cleaning Pin 2.0-2.3mm 1
B1215 Heater Cleaning Pin 1
A1304 807 Front Holder 1
B1915 807 Filter Holder 1
A1314 809/817 Front Holder 1
A1319 809/817 Packing 1
A10122 817 O-Ring 1
A1611 472D Ceramic Filter 10
B1034 703/470 Series / 702 O-Ring 1
A1014 Valve Plate for Pump 2

1 = Quantity stated as number of pieces, NOT part number package quantity.

2 = Package quantities differ from quantities in each kit. Reference piece quantity in this table for accurate count.

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