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FM-2027 Soldering Conversion Kit without Holder

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This Hakko FM2027-01 Conversion Kit includes the locking-connector handpiece and sleeve (grip) and heat pad. The T15 Tip Series are used with this handpiece.
Note: Tips not included
FM-2027 Soldering Conversion Kit without Holder
No tip is included with the product you just added.

The FM-2027 soldering iron uses T15 series quick-change composite tips that provides superior heat transfer and heat recovery.

Can be used on FM-206/205/204/203/202, FP-102 and FX-951 soldering station.

 Soldering Iron -   Handpiece  
 Model Number  FM-2027
 Tip-to-Ground Resistance  < 2 OHMS
 Tip-to-Ground Potential  < 2mV
 Length of Cord  3.9 ft. (1.2 m)
 Total Length (w/o cord)  188 mm (7.4 in.) with 2.4D tip
 Weight (w/o cord)  30g (0.067 lb./1.07 oz.) with 2.4D tip
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