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FG100B Tip Thermometer with Calibration Certificate

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This unit does everything the FG-100 did, now with a new AUTO HOLD feature that ends measurements automatically once the tip temperature is stabilized. This feature can minimize individual differences in measuring temperatures. The FG-100B can also display in both °C and °F!
Note: The Calibration Certificate comes with equipment

To preserve battery life, the auto shutoff feature turns the thermometer off when not used for three minutes. The thermometer design allows for easy measurements from right or left handed operators.

• The sensor (P/N: 191-212) has a special metal alloy coating that resists corrosion and oxidation. Note: the 191-212 sensor can measure temperatures up to 500°C (932°F). For higher temperatures, please use the applicable temperature probe (see Accessories: P/N A1310.)

• Sensor replacement is quick and easy

• AUTO HOLD feature

• User selectable easy-to-read temperature display allows the reading to display in either °C or °F

• Optional temperature probe to measure solder pot temperatures



 Part No.  FG100B-03
 Resolution  °F  °C
 Range of Measurement1  32 - 1300°F  0 - 700°C
 Applied Sensor  K(CA) Type Thermocouple
 Measurement Tolerance2  ±6°F
(572 - 1112°F)
(300 - 600°C)
 Power Supply  9V battery (alkaline cell recommended)
(excluding protrusions)
 75 x 44 x 140 mm
2.95 x 1.73 x 5.51 in.
(w/out battery)
 0.28 lbs. (125 g)
 Operating Environment  0-40°C (32-104°F)
20-90% RH no condensation
 Pollution Degree Rating  Pollution Degree 2
 Standards & Ratings

1Temperature sensor (PN: 191-212) can only be used to measure temperatures below 500 °C (932°F). To measure higher temperatures, use an applicable temperature probe.

2Measurement tolerance is ±5°C / ±10°F for measurements outside the range given for measurement tolerance above.

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 FG-100 Tip Thermometer  FG100B-03
 User Manual  ---
 Replacement Sensor (pack of 10)  191-212
 9V Battery (sample only)  ---
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