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PRESTO 981 Gun-Style Soldering Iron

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Pistol style Hakko Presto iron is a 20W light-duty iron with a boost feature allowing the user to increase power to 130W for occasional heavy-duty applications.

The HAKKO Presto irons are light-duty soldering irons with a difference — there is a (yellow) switch allowing the user to kick up the power for occasional heavy-duty applications.

The iron delivers 20W power normally, but when quick heat-up is needed, or when a large amount of energy is temporarily required (such as soldering relays or connectors) the yellow switch allows for 130W of power.

Two styles available: pencil and pistol.

Part Number: 980-V12/P (pencil-style)
Part Number: 981-V12/P (pistol-style)

(see Specifications for details)


 Part No.  981-V12
 Type  Pistol
 Input Voltage  120V AC, 50/60 Hz
 Power Consumption  Approx. 20W
 Operating Temperature  Approx. 440°C (824°F)
 Boost Temperature1  Approx. 630°C (1166°F)
 Maximum Repetitive Boost Temperature2  Approx. 700°C (1292°F)
 Total Length  160 mm
 Weight  92 g
1Tip temperature after using the boost feature for 30 seconds.
2Tip temperature after two to three repetitive uses of the boost feature for 30 seconds with an interval of 40 seconds between each boost.

Note: Continuous operation of the iron using the boost feature is not recommended and may cause damage to your iron.

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