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Adjustable Boom Stand for FR-801, 802, and 803B

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The adjustable boom stand supports the Hakko FR-800 series(FR-801, FR-802, FR-803B) handpieces.

This Hakko boom stand supports the Hakko FR-801, FR-802 and FR-803 hot air hand piece, and is an ideal accessory for the FR-1012 IR preheater. 560mm (22 in.) reach. Smooth movement. 50mm (2 in.) fine vertical adjustment and over 305mm (12 in.) of fast vertical movement.

When used in conjunction with the Hakko FR-1012 IR preheater and any of the Hakko FR-800 series hot air rework stations or Hakko 850 or 852 rework stations, the boom stand offers a complete SMD rework system.

Boom Stand shown with the Hakko FR-803 hot air
rework station and FR-1012 IR preheater.

• B5059 Adaptor needed when using handpieces for FR-810, FR-810B and FR-811


 Model Name  999-224
 Part Number  999-224B
 Base  254 x 254 mm (10 x 10 in.)
 Height  432mm (17 in.)
 Length  560mm (22 in.) with adj. arm fully extended
 Weight  24.5 kg (54 lbs.)

 What's in the box?

 Adjustable Arm
 Handpiece Holder
 Handpiece adapter sleeve
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