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C5016, Bottom Heater

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Bottom heater that integrates with the HAKKO FR-811 SMD hot air rework system.

The HAKKO C5016 bottom heater integrates and is fully controlled by the HAKKO FR-811 SMD hot air rework system with the execution of the user programmable rework profiles that are stored on the HAKKO FR-811.

The heater can be operated in power or thermocouple mode, including the ability to monitor/control the ramp rate of the assembly.

NOTE: The HAKKO C5016 must be used with the FR-811. It will not work on its own or with any other units.


Part Number C5016
Input Voltage 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 730W
Effective Heater Area 7.5 x 3.2 in. (190 x 80 mm)
Board Capacity 9.8 x 5.5 in. (248 x 140 mm)
Heating Zones 2
Operating Modes Power / Thermocouple
T/C Range 122-482°F (50-250°C)
T/C Stability ±9°F / ±5°C
Power Range 1 - 100% (1% increments)
Heater Control Requires FR-811
Heater Type High Efficiency Carbon Filament
Heater Lamp MTBF ~ 2100 hours
External Connections† 4-pin DIN for FR-811 ONLY
Dimensions (W x H x D)
11.6 x 2.6 x 9.7 in.
295 x 66 x 246 mm
4.6 lb. (2.1 kg)
ESD Safe Yes
Safety Certification
Safety Approval

† Unit is completely controlled by the HAKKO FR-811 SMD Rework System. Requires connecting cable (included)



Part Number Description
C5016 Bottom Heater
B2419 Power Cord
Connecting Cable


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