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999-205-01B Loc-Line Kit with Round Nozzle

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The Hakko Loc-Line Kit is a flexible segmented hose that allows the nozzle to be placed close to the work. This kit includes an adapter (PN: B3621) which allows the neoprene hose to attach to the Hakko FA-430 fume extraction system.

Hakko Loc-Line Kit

NOTE: The Hakko Neoprene duct (999-189) that comes with the Hakko Loc-Line duct kits (999-205-01, 999-205-02, 999-205-01B and 999-205-02B) will fit on the Hakko FA-430 fume extraction unit with the Hakko B3621 adapter (included in this kit.)

The Loc-Line features:

• 3 feet of Loc-Line hose (PN: 999-194)

• Loc-Line Nozzle, Round 4.5" (PN: 999-195)

• Loc-Line Adapter (PN: 999-197)

• Bench Clamp, 3" (PN: 999-188-02)

• 3-1/2" Clamp, 2PK (PN:999-169)

• Neoprene 3" duct, 6' length (PN: 999-189)

• 3" Adapter (PN: B3621)

Part Number: 999-205-01B


999-205-01B Loc-Line® Duct Kit


Part Number Description
999-195 Round Hood (4.5")
999-194 Loc-Line® Duct (3 ft.)
999-197 Loc-Line® Adapter
999-188-02 Bench Clamp 3" Coupler
999-189 Neoprene Duct (6 ft.)
999-169 3.5" Hose Clamps (2 per pack)
B3621 3" Neoprene Duct Adapter (for FA-430 only)
N/A Assembly Instructions
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