The Need for Thermal Wire Strippers

Hakko Tips: The Need for Thermal Wire Strippers

The need for wire stripping has been around for quite a while and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Many large industries such as the medical, aerospace, and military industries, still require high quality wire stripping. The importance for quality wire stripping is a must in these industries, as any damage to wires or cables, no matter how small, can cause failures, shortages, and in some cases, catastrophic accidents.

When stripping insulation off electrical wires, using poor quality tools or improper techniques can create nicks in conductors. Damaged wire cores can cause broken connections, and the nicked areas can overheat due to reduced wire diameters. This localized excessive heat is not detectable by traditional circuit breakers and can lead to electrical fires or other serious issues.

Therefore, a quality and reliable tool, such as the HAKKO FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper, is imperative to the role it plays on the assembly line. Unlike mechanical blades, the HAKKO FT-802 uses heat as the primary force to remove insulation. By doing so, this will exponentially reduce the risk of nicking the inner conductor. It has been widely used in critical applications from the above-mentioned industries to ensure quality wire stripping is done correctly.


HAKKO GA-1601 BladeHAKKO GA-1602 BladeHAKKO GA-1603
G4-1601 BladeG4-1602 BladeG4-1603 Blade


Be sure to select the proper gauge blades for your application or use the flat blades (G4-1601) for general purpose or larger wire. A lead adjuster on the handpiece allows you to control the length of the insulation being stripped, giving the operator more control. The handpiece has set screws to ensure blade alignment, to get the perfect cut every time.

Technique plays a pivotal role in wire stripping as well. The heated blades are still sharp to assist with the cutting process, but the operator should avoid gripping and ripping the insulation off with excessive force as it can damage the wire core. Allow the heat to do the majority of the work and gently rotate the wire or the blades to ensure a 360° cut, then pull the insulation off without applying cutting force into the conductor. 

HAKKO FT-802 at work place

Be sure to choose a proper heat setting based on the insulation type. A good setting should soften the insulation easily without melting or causing bubbling. The resulting finish should be clean without ragged edges or a nicked conductor.

Hakko FT-802 Clean Cut VS Other Wire Strippers

A viable accessory for the FT-802, is the FT-8003 Hot Knife Blade. This Hot Knife is perfect for cutting larger cables with a similar technique as using blades for wire stripping.

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