Stripping with Thermal Wire Strippers


Soldering, desoldering, and reworks stations are just a few of the products we offer here at American Hakko Products, but have you tried our Thermal Wire Stripper? The FT-802 is the latest version of the thermal wire stripper offered by Hakko. This is a very unique product used in various industries such as medical, aerospace, and military defense, for precise wire stripping needs. 

But what exactly is a thermal wire stripper, how is it different, and who can benefit from using such a unique product?


Thermal Wire Strippers


CHP CSP-30-2

Conventional Wire Strippers

A conventional wire stripper such as the CHP CSP-30-2 wire stripper, have notches in the blade for the different wire diameters, and it uses the sharp mechanical blade of the tool to cut into the insulation for removal. Thermal wire strippers are similar in a sense that they also have blades with notches for the various wire gauges, but use heat to melt/strip the insulation gently off of the wire. So, simply put, one uses heat, the other does not. By using the heat to melt the insulation, the operators are now able to gently remove the outer insulation material without the risk of nicking/damaging the inner conductor wires.    

The FT-8004 provides better alignment accuracy, with no ragged edges, nicks or cuts to the conductor.


Thermal wire strippers are used by many customers in the various industries mentioned above because these customers usually have higher standards they must adhere to where a higher level of precision is required. Devices can’t have faults or errors when you’re sending a satellite into space or when it comes to building defense missiles. That is why thermal wire strippers are an important tool to be used in certain industries.    


The FT-802 is Hakko’s latest version of thermal wire strippers. The series actually started out many years ago with the FT-800, and over the years, as the product evolved, we have made improvements to the product based upon feedback from the market, and allowed it to become the product it is today. A couple of those improvements on the FT-802 are the complete re-designing of the handpiece, along with the re-designing of the blades themselves. The handpiece is now more ergonomically designed, and also allow for better blade alignment. The new G4 blades used on the FT-802 thermal wire stripper have also been improved to provide better heat transfer, and a cleaner cut as well. The G4 blades are available in 3 different types.  One straight (G4-1601), and two notched blades (G4-1602 and G4-1603), with the -1603 blade allowing you to use it on wires that are down to 38 AWG at its smallest. 






These are just a few reasons as to why you may need a thermal wire stripper and why the FT-802 is the right tool for you. To learn more about the FT-802, be sure to watch our Eye On Hakko webinar with Kenta as he covers the FT-802, Friday, April 29th at 11am PST.

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