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“You either spend your life preparing or you spend your life repairing.” Author John C. Maxwell said this as an example that one should be working on their futures rather than repairing what they’ve damaged.

This rings true for so many of us and the last thing you need is to wait on repairs or waste time fixing something yourself. This is where American Hakko Products picks up the repair work for you.

We take pride in our products and will always stand behind them and support our customers in any way possible. At American Hakko Products, Inc., our repair department can service your Hakko products. 

Our repair department offers repair services for any of our units here at our facility, and we constantly strive to do so while maintaining a fast and cost-effective service to of all our users.

With anything in life, there is typical maintenance that needs to be done, and the same is true for any soldering or desoldering units in order to keep your unit running as it should.

There are several parts that are subject to wear and tear that are part of normal use. If your experience with your Hakko product is not what it once was, you can have our repair technician evaluate the unit to determine what the problem is. 

Simply contact one of our friendly Customer Support representatives and they’ll begin the repair process for you.

Hakko Repair Service Process

Customer service will document what items are being returned, the reason for the return and create a case number for tracking purposes. An email will automatically be sent to our customer, and instructions on how to return the items.

The evaluation process includes but is not limited to checking functionality, performance, operation within specification, and general condition of the item.

Our technician will note the findings, make recommendations, and identify the parts required for the unit to be repaired or otherwise deemed non-functional within factory specifications.

A lot of meticulous work goes into making sure your unit is in better condition and of course working. 

Our repair cost is a flat $10 for labor, plus the cost of any parts needed to complete the repair, excluding capital equipment items. Capital Equipment such as 485 units, our DPF-300 depaneling system or our robotic soldering equipment such as the HU-200 Robotic Soldering System, will be at an hourly rate instead, along with the cost of parts.

After parts are replaced and repairs are done our technicians will test all functionalities of the unit repeatedly to make sure your product is in working order. These multiple quality assurance tests are crucial in ensuring the product is working properly before it leaves our facility.

Once everything has been taken care of and your product is working as it should, we’ll send it back to you as well as notify you that your package is on its way.

Our goal at American Hakko is to receive, evaluate, repair, and ship your non-operational for service, all within a timely manner.

This is one example of how we continually strive to put a smile on our customers faces.

For any additional information regarding our products please visit us at or contact us at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) or at


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