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  1. NEW - The HAKKO FT-720 Tip Cleaner

    NEW - The HAKKO FT-720 Tip Cleaner

    The New HAKKO FT-720 Tip Cleaner is equipped with sensor-activated cleaning brushes that automatically turn on upon inserting the soldering iron tip, which shortens the time to clean a tip is less than 1 second. Standard fluoroplastic brushes introduce minimum temperature drop to the tip so you can get back to your work instantly. Other brush types
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  2. NEW —DPF-300 Depaneling System

    NEW —DPF-300 Depaneling System

    The DPF-300 adapts the quality and benefits of the DPF-200, but this new and improved dynamic system is equipped with an industrial type electric motor spindle, eliminating the need for compressed air
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  3. NEW — FR-860 Preheat Plate

    NEW — FR-860 Preheat Plate

    The Hakko FR-860 Preheat Plate is a compact low profile solution for the conductive preheating of heavy printed circuit boards and other heat sink assemblies where preheating is required for soldering and rework. The design of the FR-860 provides fast, efficient, even heating across the surface of the plate, and the microprocessor control ensures a
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  4. NEW — AS5000 Extended Life Sensor for FG-100B/FG-101B

    NEW — AS5000 Extended Life Sensor for FG-100B/FG-101B

    The new HAKKO AS5000 is an optional sensor with extended life to be used on HAKKO FG‐100B/FG‐101B tip thermometer as an alternative to HAKKO 191‐212 sensor
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  5. NEW — FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

    NEW — FG-101B Soldering Iron Tester

    The Hakko FG-101B Soldering Tester measures tip temperature, leak voltage, and tip-to-ground resistance. This tester will provide you with quick, accurate soldering measurements
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  6. NEW — FG-470 System Tester

    NEW — FG-470 System Tester

    The FG-470 functions exactly like the 498, but it sports a fresh, new look. It quickly and simply checks for wrist straps and grounding wires, and the contact resistance between the wrist strap and the skin. This wrist strap tester can be used anywhere to quickly and easily check wrist strap performance. Furthermore, the FG-470, which uses the 9V
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  7. NEW — FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper

    NEW — FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper

    Featuring an integrated handpiece holder with a hands-free blade removal plate and new G4 blades that offer improved blade alignment with superior thermal performance. FT-802 Thermal Wire Stripper • Upgraded design from the FT-8002 handpiece • Improved blade alignment with set screws to ensure alignment • Integrated handpiece holder to
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  8. NEW —FR-400 UHD Desoldering Station w/ new handpiece

    NEW —FR-400 UHD Desoldering Station w/ new handpiece

    The FR-400 handpiece now comes with a more efficient nozzle quick-change capability! The Hakko 300W FR-400 Ultra heavy duty desoldering station is specifically designed for the difficult rework of extremely large mass components where a significant amount of thermal inertia must be overcome. An excellent tool for desoldering the most challenging
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