Hand Tools in Electronics


Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Which hand tools do I need?  And how many do I need?”  When it comes to building and assembling electronics, hand tools are sometimes overlooked and underrated.  The need for some good quality hand tools on your workbench can make a world of difference when working on electronics. 

CHP Tools offer a wide variety of hand tools such as pliers, cutters, shears, screwdrivers, tweezers, and wire strippers just to name a few.  There are also depanelers and electric torque drivers offered by CHP to be used in electronic assembly and repair.  Each tool serves a particular purpose when used in the manufacturing and/or repair process.


Wire strippers in particular, are used to cut and strip the wire insulation off from its inner wires, or conductors before they are soldered onto a component such as connectors, terminals, or onto a PCB.   Standard wire strippers generally come with notches, which are machined holes that range in various sizes, all depending on the gauge of wire, or the AWG (American Wire Gauge).  For instance, the CHP CSP-30-7 is a multi-purpose, manual wire stripper that can be used not only as a wire stripper, but also can be used as shears and pliers.  Use the shears to cut wire, the pliers to grip, bend, or position the wire, and the wire stripper to strip and remove the insulation. 





The CHP CSP-30-7 utilizes notched blades and can strip stranded and solid insulated wires from 16 to 26 AWG. Machined holes on the tool are measured and precise.  The blades are made of heat treated carbon steel and the spring-action handle provides precision control.  When held in your hand, the dolphin-shaped handles of the CSP-30-7 add ergonomic comfort to reduce fatigue, which is important when using these tools repeatedly over a period of time. 


Using high quality hand tools means more than just the durability of the tool.  Design, comfort, ease-of-use, and quality are all what make up the tool.  CHP Tools offer these features at an affordable price. Visit the new CHPTools.com for a full list of quality hand tools, depanelers and electric torque drivers. 

For more information, please visit HakkoUSA.com or call 1‐800‐88‐HAKKO (42556)


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