Hakko Donates: 8th Annual Lorena Ochoa Charity Classic


Partnering with Lorena, Hakko has been putting together a Golf Charity to raise money and awareness for the Lorena Ochoa Foundation. This all-female golf tournament brings women from all walks of life together to donate and support this noble cause, with all proceeds going to the foundation. This tournament is just one more way Hakko gives back to the community.


The Lorena Ochoa Foundation operates the La Barranca Educational Center, a primary school (elementary and middle) in Guadalajara, Mexico with 361 underprivileged students. The innovative curriculum incorporates learning through sports, thinking abilities, exposure to nature, art, and dialog. Lorena Ochoa’s Foundation Mission Statement focuses on education because it is the best way to influence and motivate success in a society. Dedicated to supporting underprivileged children reach a balanced life through educational programs, sports, healthy living and self-esteem seminars, we bring a stable and normal life to the community one child at a time.

For more information about Lorena Ochoa's Foundation visit: fundacionlorenaochoa.org

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