A Look at Rework and Hot Tweezers

What comes to mind when you think SMD rework? If you said hot air, you’re not alone, most people in the manufacturing industry do. We tend to use hot air when working on larger SMD components, but using hot air takes time and in a rapidly growing world, speed is key. This brings us to a different type of tool; the HAKKO FM-2022 Parallel Remover.


Rework and Hot Air Tweezers

The FM-2022 Parallel Remover works very similar to tweezers with heat applied to the ends, which is why you may hear them referred to as hot tweezers. The FM-2022 uses two tips where one tip remains stationary, and the other tip moves inward remaining parallel. This parallel action becomes important when matching the tip to the right component type for superior heat transfer. As a result, you will increase overall efficiency, at lower operating temperatures, and achieve a higher level in productivity.


HAKKO offers sixteen different T16 Series Tips that use HAKKO Composite Ceramic™ heater technology which can be used with the FM-2022 Parallel Remover. The size of the ends of these tips’ range from 0.5mm up to 25mm to cover a wide variety of components.

Hakko FM-2023 and FX-8804

In addition to the variety of tips, HAKKO offers multiple hot tweezers to suit many types of applications and component types.  

The HAKKO FM-2023 Mini Hot Tweezers are designed for use on small chip components such as those tricky 0201 components, and can be used with your HAKKO FM-202, FM-203, and FM-206 stations.

The HAKKO FX-8804 SMD Hot Tweezers which uses HAKKO True Ceramic™ technology, which will work with the popular FX-888D or FX-889 soldering stations.

For additional information or to schedule a Demo of these products, visit us at www.HakkoUSA.com or contact us at 1-800-88-HAKKO (42556) and at Support@HakkoUSA.com.



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