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Hakko FT-800 Thermal Wire Stripper (Refurbished)

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The Hakko FT-800 thermal wire stripper heats blades up to 1472°F which will strip a wide variety of wire insulations.

The FT-800 is the next generation of thermal wire strippers that will strip a wide variety of wire insulations, including fluoroplastic. The blades can heat up to ~ 800°C (1472°F) and are easy to replace.


The FT-800 features:

  • variable temperature settings
  • handpiece heater lamp that flashes until the set temperature is reached
  • Power Save Mode ON/OFF switch. You decide.
  • lead adjuster attachment to measure the wire stripping length
  • Standard and Reverse Action option that allows the user to select the appropriate blade opening or closing function depending on the work
  • machined guidebars to insure precise stripping action
  • a blade shape designed for the unobstructed view of the wire
  • Right or Left Hand compatibility
  • ESD-safe by design

NOTE: Blades are NOT included. Blades must be purchased separately.

Part Number: FT800-01
(see Specifications for more details)



• Station

Model Name FT-800
Part Number FT800-01
Power Consumption 120VAC / 68W
Temperature Range Approx 200°C - 800°C
(392°F - 1472°F)
Dimensions 1000W
Dimensions 120 (W) x 93 (H) x 170 (D) mm
(4.7 x 3.7 x 6.7 inch)
Weight (w/o cord) 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs.)

• Handpiece

Part Number FT8001-01
Power Consumption 24VAC / 64W
Blade-to-Ground Resistance 2 ohm or less
Length (excluding cord) ~140 mm (5.5 inch)
Cord length 1.3 m (4.3 ft.)

• Lead Adjuster

Part Number Part Name Wire Strip Length
B3077 Lead Adjuster A 1 - 19 mm DISCONTINUED
B3089 Lead Adjuster B 20 - 38 mm DISCONTINUED
B3257 Lead Adjuster 1 - 26 mm  
Note: Lead adjuster is marked in 1 mm increments

• Wire Stripper Blade

Part Number Part Name    
G1-1601 Blade / AWG 18-28 Standard DISCONTINUED
G1-1602 Straight Blade Optional DISCONTINUED
G1-1603 Bent / AWG 18-26   DISCONTINUED
G1-1604 Bent / AWG 24-36   DISCONTINUED
G1-1605 Bent / Straight   DISCONTINUED
G1-1607 BLADE / LONG,18-24 AWG    
G1-1608 BLADE / LONG,26-36 AWG    

For diagram of the blades, click on the Tips/Nozzles tab above.

Blades are NOT included. Blades must be purchased separately.


Part Number Part Name
N/A FT-800 station
FT8001-01 Handpiece
B3077 Lead Adjuster A (DISCONTINUED)
B3089 Lead Adjuster B (DISCONTINUED)
B3257 Lead Adjuster for G1-1603, G1-1604, G1-1605
B2300 Heat Resistant Pad
B2017 Hexacon wrench (1.5 mm)





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