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    Part Number: FX601-02/P

    The Hakko FX-601 dial temperature soldering iron is ideal for soldering applications that require mobility or a long reach. The slender, ergonomic handpiece allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue.

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    Part Number: FX600-05/P

    Designed for soldering in electronics, and because of it's portability, it is an ideally suited for the hobbyist and electronics enthusiast that is looking for a high performing soldering iron at an affordable price.Whether soldering electrical wires, terminals, through-hole electronic components or (SMD) surface mount devices, the FX-600 is the tool of choice when you need to solder in electronics and you need mobility.

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    Part Number: FT710-04
    The Hakko FT-710 Tip Cleaner quickly and effectively cleans the soldering iron tip with the use of counter-rotating brushes to scrub away oxides, excess solder, and debris. Brushes are activated when the tip is pressed into the receptacle chamber which accurately positions the tip for optimal cleaning.
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    Part Number: FA400-04
    The Hakko FA-400 bench top smoke absorber is a quick, safe, and efficient way to absorb soldering smoke and fumes. Optional high efficient filters are available and all filters are easily replaceable.
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    Part Number: FT700-05
    The Hakko FT-700 Tip Polisher helps increase the life of your tip with the action of two spinning polishing brushes. The Hakko FT-700 is an expeditious and efficient way to boost tip life and keep free from oxidation. Comes with the Hakko FS-100 Tip Polish, which has been specially formulated to boost the life of your tip and is powerfully effective when used with the Hakko FT-700.
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    Part Number: FS100-01
    Hakko’s FS-100 Chemical Paste is specially formulated to easily remove oxide from soldering tips. Can be used alone or use with the FT-700 Tip Polisher for increased effectiveness.
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    Part Number: 508-1/P
    The Hakko 508 soldering iron is an economical and lightweight soldering iron. Ideal for soldering radio controls, small electric motors and other electronic parts.
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    Part Number: 456-16 Discontinued
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    Part Number: 455-16 Discontinued
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    Part Number: FA430-16
    The Hakko FA-430 Smoke and Fume Extractor is specially designed for use in the electronics soldering process by extracting the contaminated air directly at the source. The three stage filtering system returns purified air to the area.

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    Part Number: C1572
    Hakko's FA-430 Fume Extraction System Duct Kit #C1572 features a round nozzle
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    Part Number: C1571
    Hakko's FA-430 Smoke and Fume Extractor System Duct Kit #C1571 features a rectangle nozzle Note: Some processes may involve the use of highly corrosive substances and are not recommended for use with the FA-430.
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