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FG100-US02 Tip Thermometer with Certification — (°Fahrenheit)

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The Hakko FG-100 tip temperature thermometer uses a fine gauge wire sensor to measure tip temperatures up to 500°C. Easy to read digital temperature display reads the temperature settings immediately. Note: Calibration Certificate comes with equipment.

This part number has been replaced with FG100B-US03.

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The HAKKO FG-100 thermometer provide fast, accurate tip temperature measurements using a fine CA wire sensor (ø0.2). The FG-100 measures tip temperatures as well as solder pot temperatures (with optional temperature probe). Note: For the Calibration Certificate, please order FG100-CAL.

Lightweight, easy-to-replace sensors provide accurate measurement of tips for verification or calibration processes. When the MAX HOLD feature is enabled, the thermometer will display the maximum temperature measured.

To preserve battery life, the auto shutoff feature turns the thermometer off when not used for three minutes. The thermometer design allows for easy measurements from right or left handed operators.

• The sensor (P/N: 191-212) has a special metal alloy coating that resists corrosion and oxidation. Note: the 191-212 sensor can measure temperatures up to 500°C (932°F). For higher temperatures, please use the applicable temperature probe (see Accessories: P/N A1310.)

• Sensor replacement is quick and easy

• Easy-to-read digital temperature display

Part Number: FG100-US01 , reads °C. (see Specifications for details)
Part Number: FG100-US02 , reads °F. (see Specifications for details)


Part Number Description
FG100-02 FG-100 Thermometer (Farenheit)
FG100-CAL FG-100 Calibration Service

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