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455 Soldering Iron

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Powerful soldering irons that heat up to 1110°F.

Ceramic heating element* for longer service life than normal conventional nichrome-iron (NiCr) element.

• Alloy-coated iron tips ensure long-lasting protection from corrosion.

• The 455 is perfect for soldering tuners, inverters, and similar small components, as well as stained glass projects.

• The 456 is an excellent iron for soldering chassis, dynamos, large harnesses, transformers, large components and assemblies, stained glass panels and lead came.

*The wattage of a soldering iron is the measurement of the "Power Rating" of the soldering iron. Watts is NOT indicative of the soldering iron's temperature capacity nor its performance.

• WATTS = Energy the soldering iron pulls from the electrical outlet
• HEATING ELEMENT = The mechanism that converts the Energy into Heat
• HEATING ELEMENT TECHNOLOGY = Two types: (1) wire-wound (2) ceramic

(1) Wire-wound heating element technology works like your kitchen toaster - electrical resistance heats up the wire. This type of heating element is very inefficient (wastes energy) and to add insult to injury, it REQUIRES A LOT OF ENERGY (example, 100W) to heat up the whole heating element, which in turn heats up the soldering iron tip. Wire-wound heating elements are less expensive to manufacture, thus the soldering iron's performance is equal to its price.

(2) Ceramic heating element technology sends electricity to just the area where the heat is needed (at the soldering iron tip.) This type of heating element is VERY EFFICIENT and REQUIRES LESS ENERGY (example, 63W), produces MORE HEAT, maintains its heat longer, and its thermal recovery (the tip's ability to come back up to soldering temperature when soldering heavy loads) is FASTER than a wire-wound heating element. Ceramic heating elements are more complex heating mechanisms that cost more to manufacture, thus the soldering iron's performance is equal to its price.

The Hakko 455 (45W) and 456 (63W) soldering irons are more efficient and heat up to more or equal to a 100W soldering iron that use a wire-wound heating element. Therefore, you should NOT equate a soldering iron's temperature and performance with its wattage without understanding the soldering iron's heating technology.

Users Beware: An inexpensive soldering iron is probably using the inferior (wire-wound) heating element technology.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

Part Number: 455-16  (see Specifications for details)
Part Number: 456-16  (see Specifications for details)


Part Number 455-16 456-16
Power Consumption 45W 63W
Standard Tip A1052 A1026
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Max. Temperature 599°C (1110°F) 599°C (1110°F)
Total Length 215mm (8.5 in.) 250mm (9.8 in.)
Weight 100 g (0.2 lb.) 150 g (0.31 lb.)




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