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950 SMD Hot Tweezers

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For easy removal of SMD chips and flat packs ups to 25mm, the Hakko 950 SMD Hot Tweezer is your solution! The 950 Hot Tweezer is compatible with several Hakko stations.

The 950 Hot Tweezer delivers direct heat to the component, preventing damage to surrounding components on dense boards. It easily removes SMD chips and flat packs up to 25mm. The collet allows easy replacement of tips.

The Hakko 950 is compatible with the Hakko 936, 937, 939, 703, 926, 927 and 928 stations.

Part Number: C1311

Model Name. 950
Part No. C1311
Power Consumption AC; 24V/50W
Standard Tip

A1378 (2mm)


200°C - 400°C (392°F - 752°F)

Tip to Ground Resistance

Under 2 ohms

Tip to Ground Potential

Under 2mV (Typically 0.6mV)

Heating Element

Ceramic Heater

Cord Length

1.2m (4 ft.)

Total Length (w/o cord)

168 mm (7.3 in.)


93 g (0.2 lb.)


1 SMD 950 Hot Tweezer, Part Number: C1311
1 set of tips, Part Number: A1378 (2mm)
1 tip alignment tool, Part Number: B2301
1 heat resistant pad, Part Number: B2300
1 Caution Sticker
1 Instruction Manual


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