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FT-8002 Conversion Kit

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The Hakko FT-8002 Thermal Wire Stripper Conversion Kit is the upgrade to the popular FT-800/801/*802. Some new features include a redesigned ergonomic FT-8002 hand piece and uses the more durable G2 Series blades. *For the FT-802's handpiece (the FT-8004) to work with the FT8002-CK, the B5247 Receptacle must be attached.
Note: Blades not included
FT-8002 Conversion Kit
No Blade is included with the product you just added.

The Hakko FT-8002 Thermal Wire Stripper Conversion Kit is designed to allow existing FT-800 users the ability to use the redesigned ergonomic FT-8002 Handpiece and the new, more durable G2 Series blades and offers the following features:

• Long, flexible cord for reach
• Redesigned ergonomic hand piece
• New wire stop with improved performance and durability
• New blades offer improved blade life
• Easy insertion and removal of blades
• New blade removal tool safely removes blades from hand piece
• Optional extension cord (B3659) allows a maximum reach of 2.5 m (that's 8.2 feet!)
• New holder design with safety protective cover
• FOD tray mitigates debris on the work bench
• Hand piece is compatible with older version G1 blades
• ESD Safe

NOTE: Blades are NOT included. Blades must be purchased separately.

IMPORTANT: Due to the difference in handpiece holders, the sleep and auto power off functions of the FT-800 may not be used with the FT-8002 Conversion Kit without electrical modification of the FT-800.



 Model Name  FT-8002
 Part No.  FT8002-CK
 Power Consumption  64W / 24VAC
 Length (w/o cord, blade)  96 mm (3.8 in.)
 Weight (w/o cord, blade)  48 g (0.11 lb.)
 Reach  1.3 m (4.3 ft.)
 Blade  G2 Series


Wire Stripper Blade

 Part Number  Description
 G2-1601 or G2-A1601*  Straight
 G2-1602 or G2-A1602*  AWG 18-24
 G2-1603 or G2-A1603*  AWG 26-33

* NOTE: Part Numbers that include the letter "A" are alignment enhanced blade sets.
For diagram of the blades, click on the Blades tab above.

Blades are NOT included with station. Blades must be purchased separately.

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Lead Adjuster
 Blade Removal Tool
 Handpiece Holder
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