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  1. List Price:
    Part Number: HJ4000-SET No Cancellation/ Non-Returnable
    SET, HJ4000 + FR811-04 Hot Air Rework Station + FR872-03 Preheater


  2. List Price:
    Part Number: DPF-300-E


    A new manual router table for depaneling PCB's from a panel or multiblock. A portable depaneling system providing the same performance and quality of a high-end router machine, with no programming required, at a fraction of the cost compared to other machines.

    NOTE: Milling Bits and Interchangeable Guide sold separately

    NOTE: Please Call For Any Inquiries

  3. List Price:
    Part Number: HJ5000
    Bring on 1300W heat with the Hakko HJ5000 Heat Gun! Designed for general intermittent use and is ideal for stripping paint, heat shrinking, and other applications where general heat is needed.
  4. List Price:
    Part Number: CHP-170-A
    The popular CHP-170 precision cutter features Micro Cutter, Clean Cut, 16g, Safety Clip.
  5. List Price:
    Part Number: FM203-DP

    The Hakko FM-203 Dual Port Soldering Station brings more soldering functionality to your workbench while delivering heat to the soldering area fast! The dual soldering ports allow for a variety of soldering tools including SMD Hot Tweezers and desoldering tools.

  6. List Price:
    Part Number: FX801-02

    Hakko’s FX-801 is the ideal soldering station for extremely large mass components. Such as high current inductor coils, heat sinks, large transformers, shields, and other difficult solder applications where there is a significant amount of thermal inertia that must be overcome, enabling you to solder some of the most challenging solder joints.

  7. List Price:
    Part Number: FR870B-04
    The Hakko FR-870B Infrared 2-Bank bench-top board heater is designed to elevate the temperature of the printed circuit board assemblies so that components on them can be easily soldered and desoldered. This tool is particularly useful when soldering Pb-free assemblies.
  8. List Price:
    Part Number: FR872-03
    The Hakko FR-872 Infrared 4-Bank sleek low profile, bench top PC Board Preheater is especially useful on medium to high-mass board assemblies.
  9. List Price:
    Part Number: 394-01
    The suction power on the Hakko 394 Vacuum Pick-up Tool provides smooth, even suction to hold a part in place while you line it up the exact placement and the perfect pick-up tool for surface mount components.
  10. List Price:
    Part Number: HGC078 FREE with minimum $500.00 order
    Build your own drone with the DIY Drone Kit!
    Assembly is required. With a 4 Channel Quad-Rotor, this drone can fly in all directions with up to a 5 minute flight time! Pre-programmed algorithm to perform 360 degree flips. For Ages 14+. MSLP $47.95
  11. List Price:
    Part Number: FR803B-11 Discontinued
    The Hakko FR-803B Hot Air Rework Station has an integrated temperature sensor that allows for dependable and accurate temperature control. The unique nozzle outlet provides consistent temperature of the hot air stream generated by the unit.

    Alternate Item: FR810B-05 - See PB378

  12. List Price:
    Part Number: HGC086 FREE with minimum $300.00 order


    THis grey Hakko backpack sling comes with a built-in USB device to charge elecontonics on the go.

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Items 25-36 of 517

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