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HU-200 Robotic Soldering System

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With the power of the FU-601, the easy robot programming and the reliability of Hakko products, the HU-200 offers a solution to almost any soldering project!!!

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The Hakko HU-200 Robotic Soldering System is an expansion of Hakko’s robotic soldering solutions first built by the FU-Series soldering station and feeder for automation. The HU-200 is a 4-axis system and has a large working envelope of 400mm x 300mm with the top speed of 800mm/s and boasts a repeatability of 0.01mm. An absolute encoder enables the machine to monitor the location of the soldering iron at all times, ensuring a high level of repeatability.

The HU-200 utilizes the power of the Hakko FU-601 Robotic Integration Soldering Module but integrates the communication of the Hakko FU-500 Feeder Controller directly into the robot. Additionally, the HU-200 also carries a feature for reading Gerber data. If a Gerber file is available, the file can be read by the HU-200 to locate and program the positions of the solder joints.

Touch Screen Table - Set programming and soldering conditions without having to connect to an external PC

Pre-installed Software - Control solder feed, the number of accumulated solder points, pitch speed, and more

Joystick Control - Perform delicate and difficult position adjustments with more precise accuracy

Tip Cleaner - Keep solder and excess burned flux off of the tip to maintain tip life

Inter-changeable Handpiece - Make the tip changing process quick and convenient

Barcode Reader (Optional) - Select operations channels automatically to minimize worker mistakes


 Model Name  HU-200
 Part No.  HU200-03Z
 Input Voltage  100-240 VAC
 Power Consumption  300W

 X axis 400mm

 Y axis 300mm

 Z axis 200mm

 O axis ±200°

 Drive System  Servo motor (All axes)
 Position Detection  Absolute Encoder
 Maximum Speed  X/Y/Z axis: 800 mm/s, 0 axis: 800°/s
 Repeatability  X/Y/Z axis: ±0.01 mm (Only when the unit temperature is constant), 0 axis: ±0.01°
 Noise Level  56dB
 Ambient Temperature Range  0-40°C
 Max Workpiece Payload  20kg (44.1 lb)
 External I/O Ports  20 inputs / 12 Outputs (2 for cleaner)
 External Interface  4 USB Ports (1 for PC)
 Dimensions (WxHxD)mm  600 x 910 x 650mm
(23.6 x 35.8 x 25.6in)
 Weight  50 kg (110.23 lb.)
 ESD Safe  Yes
 Safety Approval



 Model  FU-601
 Part No.  FU601-40X (L-shaped Iron)
 Input Voltage  120 VAC 50/60 Hz
 Power Consumption  300W
 Temperature Range  50°C - 500°C (120°F - 940°F)
 ESD Safe  Yes
 Output Voltage  29 V
 Outer Dimension (W x H x D)  145 x 107 x 211 mm
(5.7 x 4.2 x 8.3 in.)
 Weight (w/o Cord)  4 kg (8.8 lb.)



 Power Consumption  260W (29V)
 Tip-to-Ground Resistance  < 2 ohms
 Tip-to-Ground Potential  < 2 mV
 Heater  Composite Ceramic Cartridge
 Tips1  TX1 and TX2 Series
 Cord Length  16.4 ft. (5 m)
 Total Length (w/o Cord)2  6.6in. (168 mm)
 Weight (w/o Cord)2  0.38 lb. (173g)

1Tips not included

2As measured with TX2-4XD tip installed

 What's in the box?

 Description  Part No.
 Soldering Robot  ---
 Robotic Soldering Station
 Tube Unit B 0.5-1.0mm
 Tube Unit B 1.2-1.6mm
 Tube Unit B 0.3mm
 Tube Unit 1.2-1.6mm  BX1042
 Tube Unit 0.3-1.0mm  BX1055
 USB Cable  BX1062
 Feeder Cable 4m  BX1045
 Soldering Unit Mount  CX5004
 Soldering Unit Fixture Base  CX5002
 Cleaner Base  CX5003
 Feeder Unit  CX5005
 PC (Windows Tablet)  --
 Quick Manual  --
 PC Software  --
 Cleaner  CX1003
 I/0 Cable for Cleaner  --
 Attachment Holder  --
 Display Arm  --
 Instruction Manual  --
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